Overview of starting your fertility treatment including medication and injections

Before you start your treatment cycle

Before you start your treatment there will be some paperwork to read and complete before you start your treatment cycle. This ensures you have understood the treatment you are being offered, and that you have given your consent.

What will you do with spare embryos?

As well you will also have to decide what you will do with any spare embryos that may be left over during treatment. You may want to freeze them for use in the future, donate them to research or to another couple who need both donor eggs and sperm.

Your drugs regime

There are many different brands of IVF drugs and the ones you will be given will depend on your circumstances as well as the brands your clinic uses.

You shouldn’t be concerned if someone else you know is taking a different drug or has been prescribed a different dosage of the same drug.

The first step in your treatment

Treatment tends to start with taking drugs to switch off your own hormones, a process known as down-regulation, although you may skip this phase of treatment, depending on what your doctors feel is best for you.

The other main drugs you will be taking are called gonadotrophins and they stimulate the ovaries to produce several eggs. You will also be given a drug to mature the eggs, which is usually given as a late-night injection, as well as some drugs to support your body after the embryos have been transferred.

You may also be additional drugs during an IVF cycle, either because of your individual circumstances or because your clinic believes they will be helpful.


Most couples going through fertility treatment do their own injections and it will make it easier and more convenient if you are able to do it yourself.

Most people are unsure and scared about giving themselves injections, but most patients cope well. Having your partner do your injections is a good way of involving him in the process.

The anticipation of the injection is usually worse than the actual injection. As soon as you’ve done your first injection, you’re probably going to say it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be.

To do your injections you may be given needles and syringes, or self-injecting kits, which look like a large pen. You press this against your skin and then you press the button. There’s a clicking noise as the spring inside releases the needle and it goes into the skin.

Injecting at home for the first time can be unnerving and if you suddenly feel you can’t do it, or something goes wrong, call your clinic. The staff are used to dealing with these concerns and will be able to help. Even if the first time is difficult, most people quickly get used to the injections.

This is from my program ‘Everything you need to know before starting your IVF/ART’.

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