Can you really improve your egg quality?

You are born with all your eggs so your eggs are strictly speaking a few months older than you. So if you’ve been told that your eggs are ‘no longer good’ or that they are ‘too old’, don’t panic because there are lots of things you can do to improve egg quality and help your eggs become healthy again and ready for fertilization and a healthy pregnancy.

How is it possible to change your egg quality?

It’s actually very simple. As you now know, you are born with all your eggs. However those eggs are not the same as the eggs you ovulate each month. They are in their primordial form. What this means is that they have the potential to become mature eggs but they are not quite there yet. Instead your primordial eggs are held in suspension, dormant and waiting for the stimulus to start growing.

The difference between healthy eggs and poor quality eggs

So let me tell you the main difference between healthy eggs and poor quality eggs. What you eat, drink, inhale and expose yourself to during the time it takes for your eggs to mature and ovulate makes all the difference in their quality and viability to be fertilized.

For some women making dietary and lifestyle changes that will improve their egg quality will be easy and straightforward. For other women it may require more work and time to undo the years of hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies and the effects of heavy metal toxicity and the accumulation of chemicals known as endocrine disruptors in the body.

Don’t give up hope

Whatever your starting point you now know the key to improving your egg quality and egg health. All the changes you need to make fall under what is called ‘The Natural Fertility Method’.

You can become pregnant. Work with me and let’s get you healthy, fertile and ready for conception and pregnancy.

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