Do you need to use donor eggs once you turn 40?

If you are in your forties and you have been struggling to become pregnant, or you have had a miscarriage(s) and you don’t make any changes to your diet and lifestyle, or explore the underlying cause of why you aren’t becoming or staying pregnant, then yes nothing will change with your health, egg quality and fertility status and you may need donor eggs.

But there is a lot that you can do naturally well before donor eggs is the final option for you. Many doctors don’t understand the profound impact that diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplementation can have on your body and its ability to become pregnant, even into your forties. But we now know that what a couple eats on a regular basis and their lifestyle choices does impact their health and fertility. In fact, many IVF clinics turn away patients who are obese or who smoke for example because they know that these habits will make it very difficult to become pregnant with IVF.

And while you have probably heard about the effect that caffeine, alcohol and smoking  can have on your fertility, you may not be aware of or thought about the fertility destroying chemicals hiding in your cosmetics, personal care products, home cleaning products and packaged, processed foods that are full of fertility robbing additives.

Even modern electronic gadgets such as iPads, iPhones, laptops and hairdryers emit EM radiation which can cause DNA mutations in your fastest replicating cells such as your eggs, his sperm and your embryos.

So, don’t panic if you are in your forties because you don’t necessarily need donor eggs. There is still so much that you can do with natural fertility methods to balance your hormones, restore ovulation, lose excess body fat that might be impacting your hormones and fertility, improve your egg quality, your general health and YES enable you to become pregnant naturally in your 40’s. And if you do proceed to medical fertility treatments, natural fertility methods are only going to enhance your health and your egg quality to improve your success rate.

You can become pregnant. Work with me and let’s get you healthy, fertile and ready for conception and pregnancy.

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