How to increase the amount and quality of your fertile cervical fluid

You know that you need to have fertile cervical fluid during your fertile window when you’re tying to become pregnant naturally. Fertile cervical fluid is that wet, lubricating or egg white cervical fluid that your body produces before and during ovulation. It has an important role in helping the sperm reach your egg to fertilise it, as well as nourishing the sperm on its journey towards your egg. If you have low, thick or no cervical fluid, it will be much harder, perhaps impossible for the sperm to reach your egg, which will be impacting your ability to become pregnant. So, what can you do to improve the amount and quality of your fertile cervical fluid? Here are my top tips. 

1. Stay hydrated

If your body is dehydrated and dried out, then it won’t be producing much, if any fertile cervical fluid. How much water are you drinking each day? Are you having at least 2 litres? Increasing your daily water intake may be all you need to do to increase the amount of your fertile cervical fluid. Cervical fluid is made up of 90% water, so make sure you are drinking enough and aim to have at least 2 litres of filtered water throughout the day when trying to conceive, (more if you live in a hot climate or do a lot of exercise).

2. Include healthy fats in your fertility diet

How many healthy fats are in your daily fertility diet? Do you regularly consume olive oil and cold pressed oils on your salads, do you melt some organic butter through your steamed vegetables, do you eat oily fish each week like salmon and mackerel and do you eat nuts and seeds each day? All my fertility clients are taught how to include a healthy fat source at each of their main meals, not only for hormone balance but for optimal cervical fluid production. My clients also have a couple of tablespoons of flaxseed oil each day for omega 3 fats. Make sure you are also taking an omega 3 supplement such as fish oil to give yourself that extra boost of healthy fats.

3. Choose foods and beverages that are non-acidic

If you consume highly acidic foods and drinks this could be increasing the acidity of your cervical fluid to the point where it is creating a hostile environment for sperm. All my clients are advised to give up acidic drinks like coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, acidic foods and to avoid all processed foods. Instead they follow my more alkaline, fertility friendly FERTILE diet that contains natural unprocessed, wholefoods.

4. Could you have a hormone imbalance?

A hormonal imbalance can cause changes to your menstrual cycle which may inhibit the production of your fertile cervical fluid. Both high progesterone and low estrogen levels may cause poor cervical fluid quality and conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) can thicken or thin the mucus at odd times during a cycle. Hormonal imbalances can be treated with diet and lifestyle changes. All my natural fertility clients follow natural fertility principles which address a number of different areas including diet, lifestyle, stress, exercise, sleep and mindset to help balance hormones, improve egg and sperm quality and help to prepare your body for conception and a healthy pregnancy.

5. Use a sperm friendly lubricant prior to intercourse

In the meantime, use a fertility friendly lubricant during intercourse. Be aware that most lubricants are designed to kill sperm and contain chemicals that prevent sperm from getting to your egg. There are some sperm friendly lubricants that don’t harm sperm, but you can also use coconut oil and egg white as natural options that are sperm friendly.

Are you trying to become pregnant?

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