Everything you need to know before starting IVF/ART

This video is from my program ‘Everything you need to know before starting your IVF/ART‘. To find out more the program or to enrol, please go here.

For IVF resources to help you on your journey throughout the process including:

Fertility Clinic Comparison Checklist: Use this checklist to compare clinics when you are choosing a clinic for your treatment.

Checklist for your first IVF/ART appointment. Use this checklist to prepare for your first appointment including what to take and questions to ask.

Infection Screening Checklist: Find out what tests you must have done prior to starting treatment including infections you may have that may be impacting your fertility or future pregnancy.

Guideline for understanding the results of a semen test. Find out what your male partner will be tested for and what the numbers on the test mean as well as the acceptable ranges.

Guideline for Surviving Two-Week Wait – Lots of ideas for things you can do to keep yourself busy during this time. Includes resting and self-care activities, activities to keep your busy and pre-occupied and fertility affirmations.

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