Pilates & Personal Training

Pilates and personal training for women is available from my home Pilates and PT studio in Werribee (Harpley Estate). I can also provide you with exercise programs via my Trainerize APP for outside your sessions, as well as meal plans and recipes to assist you with your nutrition.

Personal Training

Personal training sessions are designed to help you reduce body fat and increase lean muscle to tone problem areas. Sessions are 30 minutes and include a warmup, 20 minutes of training using my FIT and TONED system finishing with a cool down and stretch. We use machines, free weights and mix it up with different equipment, types of training and sometimes location (studio or outside) to keep it interesting for you and to ensure your body doesn’t adapt and plateau. Free Nutrition Bonus – When you purchase a package of 6 personal training sessions you get free access to my LEAN meal plan and recipes.

Pilates Classes

Work one on one with me in private 30-minute Pilates sessions where we blend traditional Pilates mat work with light weights, ball work and Barre for fat loss and toning as well as some yoga for stretching and relaxation. You’re going to build lean muscle, improve your core strength and strengthen, tone and reshape your body. Free Nutrition Bonus – When you purchase a package of 6 Pilates session you get free access to my LEAN meal plan and recipes.


Pregnancy and Postnatal exercise

I offer pregnancy exercise for women who want to maintain their fitness and strength during pregnancy and prepare their bodies for birthing. Sessions include ball work, light weights and Pilates. We also start birth preparation exercises when you reach the final trimester, aimed to help you birth easily, more quickly and in a relaxed state.

I also offer postnatal Pilates and personal training to help you recover and heal after the birth of your baby. The initial focus in these sessions is on strengthening the pelvic floor area, correcting any abdominal separation, strengthening the abdominals, reducing any overhang and helping you regain your strength and fitness safely. We then move to focusing on fat loss and reshaping your body with weights to tone problems areas. It takes 9 months to grow a baby, so expect to take a similar amount of time to recover and regain your complete fitness and strength and lose the excess body fat after your pregnancy.

Competition Preparation

If you would like to compete in bodybuilding in the bikini or fitness categories, I specialise in first timers and mums. Comp prep includes your nutrition (adjusted weekly), training (with me in person as an option and online via the gym program I provide you in my Trainerize APP) as well as presentation coaching (advice on tan, makeup, shoes, bikini and stage presentation). Posing is provided by a posing instructor and I will refer you to someone who specialises in posing instruction for the bodybuilding federation you are competing in.

If you are interested in competing or you would like to find out more about it, please contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation so that I can answer your questions and you can find out if competing is something you would like to proceed with. If you are unsure if comp prep is for you, then trial a prep for 12 weeks and find out if it is.

I have prepared many females for competing in their first competition as well as mums. Many went onto place or win and compete at a national level. I myself competed before and around having my own children, qualifying to compete at the Natural Olympia in Las Vegas. I won a bronze medal.